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MonkeyIRCD is an internet relay chat server (IRCD) suitable for use on small to medium size IRC networks. It has been written from scratch and supports most of the IRC features used by other servers, but implements new features such as SSL client connections, encrypted server links and multiple server links (mesh-type networks).


MonkeyIRCD supports all of the features you expect from a modern IRCD, including:


MonkeyIRCD uses the IRC protocol with TS4 additions. However in order to implement mesh networks the current protocol has some additional commands and parameters that are not present in the TS4 protocol. These are principally the SLINK and SUNLINK commands.


The current stable version of MonkeyIRCD is 1.0.4 and the current development build is 1.1.1. Please download the the stable version from our SourceForge site. The most up to date development version can be found on our CVS.


MonkeyIRCD has a full featured API which can be used to implement new commands and load modules into the IRCD without restarting. Full documentation will be issued with the planned 1.2 release.


MonkeyIRCD is currently developed by Chris Plant, past contributors include David Leadbetter, Mike Saunders and others.